Thursday, 15 September 2011

Japanese High School

Whether its in manga, games, films or TV shows, there always seems to be a lot more going on in Japanese high schools than in high schools anywhere else. The characters might just be super cute

or perhaps they just do something cool really well, like the girls' Kendo team in Bamboo Blade (which incidentally no one I've metin Tokyo has ever heard of)

Maybe the school kids are training for something amazing, like the space cadets in Kou Yaginuma's brilliant Twin Spica

Or, maybe the whole school moves itself to another planet, causing mayhem, as in Kazuo Umezu's award winning manga The Drifting Classroom

Or maybe like in Battle Royale, a whole class turns into serial killers

Despite all this fabulous hype, I wasn't exactly surprised on Monday morning when I saw this perfectly ordinary school bus queue

or a perfectly boring and ordinary high school building

BUT I have to admit that  was, secretly, a tiny bit disappointed.

So, another new discovery: Japanese High Schools really are just like any others, only perhaps with even worse school uniforms. Oh well!

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  1. Laura!
    My name is Andrew, and I'm currently preparing and planning to participate in the internship program that you are currently taking part in. I was wondering if at so point we could chat about the program, just so I can get an idea of what to expect! :)
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    By the way, your blog is hilariously entertaining, and I have enjoyed reading through your posts so far!

    I think it's especially true about High Schools, (or schools in general) in Japan! You expect something outrageous, similar to what we see on television, in movies, in manga and so on, but they are pretty much the same as they are back home!