Sunday, 4 September 2011

Haneda at Dawn

I wasn't allowed to take pics out of the plane window during landing, and they always come out awfully anyway...but you should have SEEN the sunrise as we came down into Haneda - it was totally sci fi. A red band of billowy glowing clouds high above us, a white band just below, and blue-grey puffy big clouds underneath as if they were holding us up. Hee! Sunrise is always a dynamic time in stories. The light and the clouds seem to develop so slowly and with such intensity, like the moments of meditation before an explosive fight. 

Just before we touched down, we flew over the sea where I saw a fleet of little fishing boats coming back into port (it was 4.45am). Each boat – and there were about 30 of them - looked the same, like grey lego bricks on a blanket or something. But I could see them slowly advancing on the coast together, some with their lights still winking, some not.
What a first sight! Back on the ground, no sooner had I left the airport than I saw a building which convinced me I was in some '70's vision of the future' alternate universe...

...or at least it did once I got closer to it than this.

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