Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Chiisai Kawai Kaizoku (Small Cute [dread] Pirate) Maiden Voyage

The cards I had made by Moo a couple of weeks ago got their first proper outing today, with mixed reviews:

My first day at Wish! (playworker company I'm working for here) was quite a lot more serious than I'd imagined so I was a bit apprehensive getting them out, in case they thought I was taking the mick. I think I JUST about got away with it, although Komaki-San (my direct manager while I'm there) did look mildly shocked when she first saw them. She recovered though, I think, but also insisted on making me some new cards with the company logo on them. Woops! Giving out cards was a really good way to meet everyone in the office and have a little chat to explain what the hell the picture was. Ah.

Thank goodness my very kind housemates Yamada, Ryotai, Tama-chan and Tomo liked them straightaway (or at least said they did!) when I showed them over dinner at a local Izakaya. Phew!

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