Sunday, 9 October 2011

Creepy Babies (Part 2)

The decorated baby statues I saw at Zojoji Temple last month definitely aren't the only ones in Tokyo

They're everywhere! At Kamakura, I saw a whole lot more.

At Zojoji, it was easy to imagine these as what they actually are - statues of Jizobosatusu, the protector of the sprits of stillborn babies. Sombre subject, but (at Zojoji) actually rather cute statues. But there was nothing cute about the Kamakura equivalents. When I looked up at the ranks of them all looking in the same direction - down, at me, they felt much more like a huge, unresponsive, audience. But even scarier!

 I'm very glad it was the middle of the day, and sunny, when I saw them!

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