Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tokyo the Spaceship

I knew before I came here that Japan might as well be an alien planet in lots of ways - indeed, that is one of the very many exciting things about it! But, I wasn't expecting, within a week of living here, to start wondering if Tokyo might actually be a spaceship, on the way to some far-distant galaxy.

But I started to find undeniable evidence everywhere.

In Asakusa outside the Tube Station

Walking down a concourse at Shinagawa

On my way to a tiny nursery in Ohsaki

and on my way back

In Odaiba, my suspicion that I had somehow been captured by a UFO, only got more convincing

Then I looked up a bit further, and I really started to worry

 It didn't matter if I looked during the day - out of the window of a commuter train, maybe

or, as soon as I got off that train

and started walking to one of my daily story venues

or, once the day was done, it was night, and I was on my way home

it was always the same - look around, look up, look down - see another glaring bit of spaceship technology. Eep!

At Haneda Airport, I couldn't help noticing that the Ship might need a few repairs soon 

and that whoever was in charge of engineering really HAD to try and make outside spaces look at least a little bit more realistic

This building, for example, was just taking the mickey

and this one

I get it, I thought: make something look enough like a spaceship, and no-one will believe it actually is a spaceship. But by this time my brain was working overtime. Was there anyone I could ask why, when I looked out of my office window, it now felt as if I was looking straight into outer space?

Tokyo is far, far away from home in lots of ways - anyone can tell you that. But now, I can't help but wonder exactly how far?? I am looking forward to making my best attempt at finding out.

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