Saturday, 1 October 2011

Wish! Fulfilment Part 4: Stories, songs and sneezes

This working week was immense fun, yet again, despite the appearance of my annual, inescapable, cold.

On Monday, I was a (coughing, sneezing, generally ugly and irritable) travelling minstrel of sorts - I was going to tell my stories and sing my songs, and people would sit back and enjoy the show...

Well, that was the illusion I was under until the bus dropped us off here after a two hour journey from Shinjuku Station

If it looks a little bit like purgatory, then I won't gainsay. My colleagues had got us LOST, in the middle of nowhere, as far as I could see. Of course there was still a McDonalds even here - there was even some talk of going to it.

BUT (relief!) at the moment we were beginning to walk off it that direction, we were rescued by an old man in a car, and taken somewhere much nicer

Where I began to attempt to tell stories in Japanese. Here is me trying my best

I guess I must have done something right (even if that thing was only 'look like a total idiot while talking very loudly): teachers kept on dragging me into classrooms to play encores. Yay! Delighted.

In the afternoon, back in the City near the bookshop district I mentioned the other week, I found myself giving a presentation on kids' storytelling. Slightly surreal, but I went with it, dressed in my best Hello Kitty attire

I then learned how to spin plates.

Back at Tamaplaza the next day, still coughing and sneezing, I was still in high demand. |Here's me trying my best wearing my ridiculous nursery apron (which I now am actually in love with!)

 really getting into it...

really REALLY getting into it

And the following day, on the other side of town, for a bigger audience, I did it again

And the next day

My favourite monster tshirt was probably the biggest hit, though

I learned three Japanese songs, assisted by the piano playing teacher

And then, I got to talk about London for a while.

Strangely enough, as interesting as red phone boxes are in my terrible Japanese language explanation, the kids were more interested in Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh, and Peter Pan. Can't say I blame them. And no, I don't know them personally, more's the pity.

I slept very well on Friday night. Phew!

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  1. That is method acting at its finest...Lee would be proud!