Monday, 25 February 2013

Park Theatre, Finsbury Park

At last! Finsbury Park has a new theatre. I've seen the dream...

...and now, I've seen the reality!

Walking through the site this morning, I got that wonderful fizzing feeling you only get when something inspires you completely. All the signs were there:
(1) Grinning like an idiot
(2) thinking about exciting new productions
(3) taking photos like it's going out of fashion (which it probably is)
(4) more grinning like an idiot
(5) an almost irresistible urge to volunteer or become an unpaid intern, just to have an excuse to be there more
(6) terrible impatience for my various works in progress to be FINISHED, proposed, accepted and put on here!

It also didn't hurt in the slightest that the small theatre, Park 90, which I first saw from the players' entrance this morning the perfect size and shape for a play that lives - for the moment - on the edges of my consciousness, inspired by the sounds and the playing spaces of Noh theatre. 

It took Park Theatre six years to be at the 'almost open' stage it is now. I, and the Noh Theatre Project, will take inspiration from that. Practice. Train. Experiment. Play.

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