Friday, 15 February 2013

Noh Notebook: Noh Goodbyes

Five weeks and almost a year's worth of noh learning after my return to Tokyo, on 2nd February, my final weekend of noh on this trip arrived, inevitably. Like last time (and equally unsuccessfully) I tried to take a true likeness of that magical 5-metre square with me, in pen and paper:

then, for good measure, I did the same thing in neon:

I savoured the opening notes of the flute's oshirabe, which always heralds the entry of the chorus - along the side of stage left, through the little door at the back -

and then, at 90 degrees, the musicians - otsuzumi, kotsuzumi, nohkan, in a line along the back:

None of the actors had arrived yet, but I knew they were on the way. The stage was set, as it always - delightfully - is. There was nothing to do but to let the first play begin!

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