Sunday, 3 February 2013

National Noh Theatre: Happy 30th Birthday!

The National Noh Theatre has come of age: it is 30 years old this year. I knew it but hadn't taken much notice until I went in to drop off a set of proofs for the series I'm editing (Book 2, at last!) and saw countless posters for this years' Japan Arts Council sponsored noh and kyogen programmes. The info is all on the National Noh Theatre's website, but the posters are much more beautiful:

I'm a bit sad that I have to leave Tokyo and miss most of these! 

I can't really complain, though: by the time I go back to London next week, I'll have seen more noh in a month than most noh enthusiasts who live in Tokyo might see in a year: two plays on the first trip, three on the second, five on the third, and four on the final weekend, followed by a trip to the only bookshop in central Tokyo that ONLY sells noh books. 

Nope, can't complain, at all.

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