Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring Flowers in Shinjuku, Salt in Shibuya

March 20th is Spring Equinox Day in Tokyo - the first official 'Springtime' national holiday. I'd had half a plan to go to the theatre, but the day was so beautiful and sunny - even warm! - that being indoors seemed horribly close to a sin. So, we went to the park instead.

We'd been meaning to go to Shinjuku Gyoen - the most beautiful park in Tokyo, slap bang in the middle of the skyscraper district - for months. And what a day for it. The crowds of early-bird photographers of the famous spring blossoms under the trees made this one look uncannily like a giant cheerleader's pompom

then, passing a pond on a turn through the Japanese formal gardens, I couldn't resist communing with my inner frog

 After fully returning to humanity, it was off to Tokyo Wonder Site, Shibuya branch. This week's installation, a video of a guy standing infront of all kinds of international sites, deliberately looking a bit gormless, was fun to watch. And not just because it reminded me of myself a mere hour beforehand

Next, the Tobacco and Salt museum, a shrine to two of my most favourite things. I'm still not absolutely sure why they share a museum...but I was happy anyway! A giant salt crystal from Iran, hundreds of cigarette packet designs and a postcard of a cartoon witch smoking with her pet later, I went home, ate ready salted crisps and rolled a Cutter's Choice.

It's a serious underaking, relaxing in Tokyo.

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