Friday, 23 March 2012

Early Blossoms in Umegaoka

In preparation for the big 'ohanami' blossom-viewing bonanza in April, we decided to go for a practice run. The plum blossoms bloom earlier (and smell nicer) than the cherries...but apparently they look less impressive.

That's not what I thought when I saw a grove of plum blossoms on an afternoon stroll in Hanegi Park.

Against a wall of white flowers, the little clusters of bright pink were especially lovely

The flowers were so thick it was easy to get lost...

...but we muddled through somehow.

I was very pleased.

Hanegi Park is in an area of Tokyo called Umegaoka - 'Ume' means 'plum'. Which, I suppose, is why there really isn't a better place to see early blossoms, than here!

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