Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Guitar Gods in Daita

Before I came to Tokyo, I believed it when people said that gigs in Japan are polite affairs: the audience claps at exactly the right time, after the song is over only - no jumping around, no shouting and screaming.

I shouldn't have. They were dead wrong.

When I went to see the great Guitar Wolf play a one-off gig 5 minutes from my house (lucky me!), the noise and arm-waving of the packed-out crowd...

and the general 'starriness' of the band...

who weren't above some pure, unadulterated rock god style cheesy showing off...

...more than made up for the small size of the venue. I'm just sorry I didn't get a picture of the moshing, crowdsurfing and 'random bloke brought up on stage to play guitar' antics that also went on. Next time, maybe.

Rock on! An extremely welcome 'return to Tokyo' treat.

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