Friday, 25 March 2011

Books and Biscuits

My two favourite things in the world are Books and Biscuits.If a book reminds me of a biscuit I've loved, or a biscuit reminds me of a book I loved, I think ''why not say so"?

So, a hypothetical one to start with. I've never actually associated Moby Dick with a biscuit before...but if I did, would probably be a Fox's Classic. Silly though the analogy may seem, it follows certain simple criteria. Both rich and delicious on the outside, both 'classics' (of course), both probably enjoyed just slightly too long ago to actually remember them with any clarity; with a centre that is just a little bit difficult to get through...ok I'll stop there.  There is, of course, NOTHING sweet about Moby Dick, and the centre is hard to get through because it describes such paroxysms of boredom, rather than because it's sickly. Followed through to its logical conclusion, this would be unbelievably silly. In fact, it IS unbelievably silly. But no system is perfect. For me, though, the idea of being duty bound to treat myself to the one or the other a bit more often than I perhaps otherwise would, it simply too delicious to resist!

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