Friday, 25 March 2011

Mad March Hares

Hurray! Crick! Crack! I have completed the first step on my voyage of Performance Storytelling discovery! My mission: to see as much storytelling as I can in the next three months - ha. So, off I went to an evening at Rich Mix to  see and hear Hugh Lupton, Jan Blake and Tim Ralphs do their stuff. Two days later, I still can't get the image out of my head of a cow removing her (human) daughter's face by licking it...yuck! Or anansi sitting on a cart singing the oddest girls' name in the world to a ragga tune...OR a giantess climbing into a small sack...OR a billy goat's innocent stare at an evil and clearly smelly troll...I could go on.

All three storytellers were in tip top form in my humble opinion. They became all of their characters with  amazing agility which I have the hugest respect for -  as my rather shaky performances as a clown and at the end of the Pleasance Drama course I just finished will testify, I have trouble enough just dealing with one at the moment! But o, what better motivation to learn a craft than seeing the masters at work!?

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