Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sugar Architecture (or, American Sweets 101)

This is neither a dishwasher tablet, a urinal crystal, or a strangely cut piece of washing up sponge. It is Food. More specifically, it is a Warhead:

These monuments of blue raspberry deliciousness are only one of my many delightful (but more often than not unfortunately named after weapons) sugary discoveries since I came to America last week. I am a lover of the English pineapple chunk, Green Apple and Kola cube - but oh, the American Sour (not Mega-Sour, not only inedibly lip puckering but which carry a health warning about stomach ulcers as well as the more usual tooth decay, obesity and ADHD flags) Warhead: whether alone in a city of giant salt and pepper shakers...

...or in a gaggle with its colourful companions...

...that beautiful, tasty and utterly artifical cube might be the best yet.

Tomorrow it's a toss-up between acid green pistachio muffins, and triple chocolate cherry frosted pop tarts. Or perhaps something completely new - who really knows?

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