Saturday, 9 June 2012

Gorillas, Cake, Ueno

In Ueno zoo, for lunch, you can eat the same food as the gorillas.

As delicious as everything looks, I had one big problem: where is pudding??!

It became apparent that 'gorillas don't eat cake' or even, in this zoo, bananas (the staff clearly don't care whether their primates are super monkeys or not). I rushed home and made sure I used both:

Then, inspired but underwhelmed by the mixture of unsweetened, unsalted popcorn and cereals the gorillas get, I made a series of improvements which I hoped would make the lot end up tasting like toffee:

It didn't look promising at first

 But, after twenty minutes in the oven (and another twenty minutes hacking the crunchy gooey sticky result out of the tin - the most exercise I've had in weeks) I can safely say that gorilla's lunches contain most of the raw ingredients for proper food. All it needed was a bit of salt and sugar.

Another problem solved, then. Onward!

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