Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kamishibai: The Real Thing

I'd had a go at my own version of the Japanese storytelling art of Kamishibai a few times since I've been in Tokyo, but I'd never actually seen a traditional live performance - off the back of a bicycle cart: a mini wooden theatre with a drawer built into it especially for sweets to give out to kids at the end of the show. Until now - thanks to Earth Day Tokyo, Yoyogi Park. Delighted, I took some pictures of a very entertaining rendition of The Enormous Turnip tailored for a world where people very often aren't sure what a turnip even is:

Verdict: 1) Carrots are not only tastier than turnips, but are clearly the way forward and 2) I have a lot to learn about kamishibai - but what a lot of fun to have, too!

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