Monday, 31 January 2011

Stories, Stories, Stories

Ever since I resolved to tell stories better, inspired by the Japanese storytelling group Spice Arthur 702's masterful performance of contemporary Kamishibai (basically 'comics performed live'), almost no day goes by without me spotting a new storytelling event which I see to HAVE to go to! That has made for a very busy few weeks. A taste of Spice Arthur themselves:

Last night my first visit to the Storytellers' Club at the Pleasance turned out to be a pretty interesting evening: Sarah Bennetto's opening story about a long-time Barrista (not 'barrister') who plays his favourite band in the shop every day but misses them the one day they actually come to the shop, was heartbreaking. I love the idea of indie coffee shops (I don't really drink coffee but the cakes are usually better) but the East London Coffee Disloyalty Card featured in the story is probably one commitment to far for me. But it does look nice.

Add all this to the upcoming 'Yarnfest 2011' in February (which to my slight horror, starts tomorrow), and that makes a very busy wordbird!

And that's as WELL as the monthly outing for the Crick Crack Club at the Soho Theatre. This Tuesday, the club takes on takes on the Animal World.

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